Current investments

"Performa was key to our success as we doubled our size every year since their investment. Also, Performa partners helped Unicoba strategically and commercially contributing to structure one of the first PPP projects of a major Brazilian city, in accessing financing solutions and in the composition of our management team."

Brazilian leader

LED lighting 

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Eduardo Park

Unicoba’s Co-Founder and CEO

"Performa have been good partners to Mandaê. They're founder-friendly but always focused on adding value to our company, whether at the board-level or being there to help us whenever we've needed them. "

Reinventing Logistics

with Technology

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Eduardo Fujimoto

Mandaê’s Co-Founder and CEO

"Performa Investimentos and its partners were fundamental to Contech's success and growth. Since the investment, Performa has been acting actively in the evolution of the company's corporate governance, from the organizational structure, to Contech’s image with its stakeholders, as well as in guiding and searching for structured capital solutions and developing sustainable businesses - commercially and financially ."

Smart solutions for the

pulp and paper industry

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MArcelo Yamano.png

Marcelo Yamano

Contech's CFO

"Performa has contributed to GlobalYeast well beyond its formal role as leading founding-investor. Performa team combined a rigorous approach towards the company metrics and goals, while being flexible and agile to help management find solutions, resources and adjust the strategy to bring the company innovation to the marketplace."

Fermentation Solutions for

Industry 4.0 applications

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Marcelo do Amaral.png

Marcelo do Amaral

Global Yeast's Founder and CEO


"Performa led our 2016 round and constructed a debt financing round afterwards, which allowed the company to grow by 10X in a matter of 4 years. Patrick and Guillaume were always helpful, well-informed and pro-active. Most importantly, though, they proved to be founder-friendly throughout their entire time period with us. We are happy and grateful to have shared this journey with them! "

Technology in

Freight Management

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Stefan Rehm

Intelipost's Co-Founder and CEO

"During 4 years working together with Performa, we grew 10x. Performa's participation was crucial for this journey – in addition to trusting and supporting us as entrepreneurs, Patrick and Guillaume challenged us in structuring the company for growth, leading financing rounds and always pushing to maximize results."


Gabriel Drummond

Intelipost's Co-Founder and COO

"Performa’s partners were present and engaged and specially in the most challenging moments of the company. This made a total difference to get out on the other side more prepared. Performa was key in supporting us with their balanced strategic vision, relationship network and strong support for entrepreneurs."

Efficient &

Affordable Buildings

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Caio Bonato

Tecverde's Co-Founder and CEO